Cultivating Creativity at Oxford Academy, CT

From academic excellence to imparting holistic development, boarding schools offer a plethora of benefits. And The Oxford Academy is one such institution that has been preserving the tradition of providing its students with quality education for years. Located in Tamil Nadu, India, this institution is known for its philosophy of creating leaders through a balanced education approach. In this blog post, we will be discussing The Oxford Academy’s edge over other boarding schools and how it has been able to maintain its standards in this highly competitive space of education ct private schools.

Advanced Academic Curriculum: The Oxford Academy is accredited by the Cambridge International Examinations Board and it offers advanced academic courses in Science, Math, Humanities, Business Studies, and Literature. Students are encouraged to take up extracurricular activities such as music, art, drama, and sports for overall development. The classes are equipped with modern infrastructure and advanced technology that enables the teacher to impart knowledge effectively.

Focus on Sports: While sports and academics have often been kept miles apart, Oxford Academy lays emphasis on both for the overall development of students. The institution has vast sporting facilities that cater to sports such as cricket, football, basketball, swimming, and athletics. Students are given access to specialized training and facilities to ensure the optimum utilization of their potential. These sports facilities are comparable to what one would find in the leading sports institutions of the world.

Teacher-Student Ratio: The teacher-student ratio is as important as academic infrastructure and sports facilities. At Oxford Academy, this ratio is kept at a minimum, which helps students to get individualized attention and mentorship. Teachers at this institution come from different backgrounds, with years of experience in the field of education and training. They are trained to cater to different learning styles and to engage students in interactive learning methods to make lessons more engaging.

International Exposure: Oxford Academy believes in equipping its students with the skills and knowledge to survive in a globalized world. The institution offers international exchange programs that enable students from different countries to collaborate and learn from each other. The exchange programs help students to gain international exposure and broaden their perspective on life and the world. This exposure makes them more open-minded and confident to take up challenges in life.

Holistic Development: Holistic development of students has always been at the core of Oxford Academy’s education philosophy. Apart from academics and sports, students are given the opportunity to explore their creative talents in art and music. Meditation and value education classes are also provided to help students stay mindful and develop leadership qualities. The institution’s aim is to nurture ethical and empathetic individuals who can contribute to society.


Boarding schools have long been revered for their wholesome education approach, but very few schools have been able to replicate The Oxford Academy’s quality of education. From academic excellence to holistic development, students at the academy can leave the school as confident and competent individuals equipped to face the challenges of the real world. Oxford Academy offers the perfect blend of opportunities to students, and we can confidently say that this institution is leading the way in the field of education.