Dr Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar, an incredible donor built up Annamalai University in 1928.The Directorate of Distance Education took a shape in 1979 by Dr Sir Muttiah Chettiar.Several a large number of understudies are selected in excess of 400 courses that the University offers. Annamalai University has a sprawling wi-fi campus.The quality of encouraging staff is right now in excess of 2500.The college is a private grounds. All around prepared library, science research centers, yoga focus, amusement focus and so forth are a portion of the offices accommodated staff and the understudies on the grounds.

Annamalai University stands recognized from most different colleges. The separation learning programs have made instruction more available for individuals crosswise over different segments of the general public. The college has arrangements under which even schools drop outs can be selected in undergrad programs. Hence allowing to teach them when most colleges and establishments have shut the entryways on them.

The college offers separate learning programs in typical streams like science, trade, and expressions. Other than these projects, there are a large group of unusual courses like yoga, music, writing, lodging administration; journalism.The most astonishing certainty is that even these can be taken up through correspondence mode. There are normal full time courses in designing, solution, and dentistry.

Every one of the projects are very much organized and composed in order to build the abilities of the understudies and accordingly their employability. A few authentication and certificate courses can be so additionally sought after through separation learning. SSLC pass understudies can likewise join some testament courses, which prepares them for employments. Qualified specialists and designers likewise selecting the recognition programs fro headways in their professions.